My Distance Reiki Session

"I wasn't sure what to expect from my distance Reiki session, but as soon as it began I felt the peaceful and comforting energy that Beth generously transmits. As the session continued, Beth explained her process and where on my body she was transmitting energy. Each time Beth moved to a new spot, I could feel the energy flowing to that spot even before she told me where she was focusing. It was as powerful a session as I have ever had."

– Matthew Karmel

As if She Was There in the Room With Me

“My distance reiki session with Beth was incredibly healing and uplifting. Despite being miles apart, I experienced the same powerful healing energies and spiritual guidance that I do during my in-person reiki sessions; it truly felt as if she was there in the room with me. Overall, the session filled me with a tremendous sense of inner peace and well-being.”

- Catherine Beers

Corona Virus Healed by Distance Reiki

“I am an ER nurse and have been working in some unusually rough and worrisome conditions with my assignments taking care of COVID-19 patients. Sleep has been rough but I wasn’t ready for this night’s wake up call.

On Friday, April 3, 2020, I woke up at 3am shivering beneath the covers.  My legs felt as if they were but a pair of deadened limbs carrying nothing except cramping muscles. I was burning with fever. In fear, I knew what was afflicting me and said to myself it was inevitable. I texted my family members as I could. Among those texts was one to my daughter Christine.

Christine reached out to Beth (and others in our circle of Reiki practitioners) who offered distant Reiki. Hearing this I was so grateful, opened myself to the Reiki and tried to relax. At some point I fell asleep.

I remember waking up from sleep in just a few hours. I was drenched. The sheets and clothes I wore were saturated; and I knew my fever had broken. The muscle aches had subsided. The worst of Covid-19 was gone as quickly as it had come upon me. I know and knew in that moment why. 

The distant Reiki I was given had kicked the worst of this virus away from me. And as an extra the fear which I imagined would have been overwhelming me through it all had left on the wings of this same Reiki. I did spend the better part of the next two weeks tired and less energetic from the virus; but through it all I knew that Reiki had given my God given body and soul the blessing it needed to heal itself without serious consequence. 

With heart felt gratitude – Thank You Beth.”

- Jean Zissler, RN

A Heart Opening Remote Healing

“My Distance Healing Session with Beth was a beautiful, heart opening experience. At the beginning of our session she scanned me and identified specific physical and energetic areas for us to work on. She is always so insightful! It is amazing that she can sense areas that need attention from a distance, without me saying a word! She was able to feel changes in my third eye and my heart chakra since our last session. She was also able to tell that the right side of my body was feeling tighter than my left!

It was beautiful how, even from a distance, I could feel the Reiki energy as if I was at an in-person healing session.

Beth always brings her focused, professional, mystic, beautiful self to every session. She takes such care to make sure my experience is complete, often giving extra time to do so. My spiritual journey would not be complete without the beautiful Reiki experiences I have had with Beth. If you are at all interested in Reiki, I highly recommend a Distance Reiki Healing session with Beth!”

- Diana Befi

Like My Back Was Cracked in the Most Delicious Way

“Due to everything going on I have been working from home for the past few months. On top of general anxiety on emotional and spiritual levels, my upper back and neck have been bothering me. I decided to try a Reiki session with Beth for the first time. Before calling me for our distance session, Beth scanned me remotely and was able to detect something happening in my upper back and lower neck right away. She also accurately sensed some emotions and relationship challenges with particular individuals in my life. Then she called me, shared the results of the scan, and we discussed it.

Beth found the best way to ease the discomfort in my upper neck and back was through a cord release to heal one of those relationships. During the session I felt the pressure release in my upper back and neck, almost like my back was cracked in the most delicious way. It was amazing to feel the physical change so quickly and so strongly. Not only did my back and neck feel so much better after the session, my anxiety was soothed and I have been significantly calmer since. My physical comfort, mindset and relationships have all improved.”

- Reid Maglione

As Effective as an On-Site Session

"My remote Reiki session with Beth was as effective as an on-site session. I felt her Reiki arriving before she even called me to discuss the body scan. Beth told me she was guided to send Reiki to a specific part of my body, and as she began to do that, my cat laid down in that exact place! I felt sensations of heat during the session, and when it concluded, I felt calm and peaceful. An added benefit of a remote session is that you can get comfortable with your own pillows and blankets, and when the session is over, you can rest as long as you like - no need to get up and drive home! Beth is wise, ethical, caring and gifted - I highly recommend a remote Reiki session with Beth.”

- Tara Lewin-Shankman

Distance Reiki Heals Migraine

“I had a bad migraine for almost 24 hours. I did everything possible to alleviate the pressure in my frontal lobe and hairline, to know avail. At that time I was returning a text message to Beth. Something told me to tell her about it, and ask her to send some Reiki relief. She said: “It’s coming your way. Just breathe deep.” I did. Within 5 minutes the pain began to clear. Every minute it got better. I texted her that there was still some pain in my right hairline. Within seconds that cleared away as well. I never asked to receive remote Reiki healing before. But it showed me first hand the amazing results. I told her that it was the first time that I smiled in 24 hours. Bravo, Beth, for letting this grace come through you to me.” – Michelle Romanelli

No More Cane

“My hip was in pain due to a fall, causing me to limp. I used an umbrella as a cane to help me walk when I went out of the house. For a few weeks I put a heating pad on it. This helped, but the pain was still there so I continued using the umbrella as a cane. I also developed acute edema in my lower legs. The swelling and contraction from the edema caused the skin to turn very red and peel. Then Beth gave me a Reiki session. She worked on my hip and legs for about an hour. Within a few days, the hip pain went away. I was walking without the umbrella, feeling as good as I had before the fall. At the same time, the edema disappeared; the redness and peeling are completely gone. I feel the Reiki helped.” – J.W.

Nothing Short of a Miracle

“I have been struggling with food/eating issues for over 20 years. Even though I was never a chubby or overweight person, but for some unknown reason, I was in a constant state of discomfort when I saw food or thought about eating.

Beth came into my life a year ago with illuminating Reiki, and I had the honor of being attuned by her in Reiki classes, Levels 1 and 2. Daily self-Reiki brought the food issues to the surface and like any change, it’s been a process. However, after receiving an AMAZING Reiki healing session with Beth, my transformation has been nothing short of a miracle. Beth has been able to pin-point imbalances, as well as hidden-talents, I’ve never told anyone about.

In the last month, I finally feel free, without the shackles of an eating disorder, like I never even had a problem. I finally have a nourishing and nurturing relationship with food and I have to thank the Divine Energy, Reiki, flowing through someone as benevolent as Beth. I receive Reiki regularly from Beth now, in addition to self-Reiki, to promote the best possible health for my body, mind and spirit. THANK YOU would be an understatement to the gratitude I have towards Reiki and Beth, my Reiki angel!”

– B.K.S.

Amazingly Healthy

“After my healing session with Beth, I just feel so good and so centered and grounded. And I feel amazingly healthy, with none of my physical issues. Thank you again, Beth, for a wonderful session and I look forward to seeing you again!” – Jessica Nicolette

Reiki Shines Through

“Beth is a genuine healer. She is wise, humble, and a true master teacher. Her deep dedication to Reiki shines through every time I see her and her insights are nothing short of amazing!” – Lori Arrechea

Pain Disappeared

“I went to Beth for a Reiki healing session. She asked me to tell her nothing about myself at first. Then she “scanned” my entire body by passing her hand over it, and intuitively sensed that my right shoulder was in pain. This was correct. I had been in a lot of discomfort with my shoulder for years, and nothing was helping.

A warm comforting sensation came from Beth’s hands as she held them a couple of inches from my shoulder. Suddenly she described smelling wonderful spicy foods, and saw me as a child walking on paths and on a beach with palm trees. Then she saw a man, and described him in physical detail. It was a very accurate description of my deceased father. I replied that the food and the beach were an important part of my childhood in Brazil, and that I don’t think about Brazil or my father anymore because when I do it makes me sad because I miss them.

Then she said that this sadness I was holding in my heart, by cutting myself off from my culture and father, was affecting the shoulder pain. And that instead I can have both of them in my life every day. She encouraged me to embrace the local Brazilian community and culture here in NJ, and to talk to my father often. To bring both of them back into my heart and my life. I started doing this right there on the table, while she gave Reiki. By the end of the session, the pain was completely gone! Afterward, I continued to include Brazil and my father in my life every day. It has been many months and the pain has not come back.”

– Renata Chas


“I was experiencing pain in my neck and shoulders due to an inflammation of the herniated disk I have in my neck. I tried several stretching exercises to loosen the tight and painful muscles, but it didn’t help. As fate would have it, Beth came into my office, noticed I was in discomfort and offered her services as a Reiki therapist. After she performed Reiki on my neck, shoulders and arms I was surprised at the immediate relief that I felt. I now know who to call whenever I am in pain. Thanks, Beth!” – Dr. Donna Hodge

Reiki Has Taken Away My Back Pain

“At 32 yrs. old, I fell at work and suffered from back pain for 4 years. Walking was very painful. Within 15 minutes of having Reiki for the first time, I felt relief from the pain. So I decided to have a 1-hour session, and I have been able to control my back pain with monthly Reiki sessions. Reiki was able to take away the debilitating pain in my tailbone that doctors could not determine what was causing it. Beth is a master teacher at Reiki and is a wonderful mentor. I highly recommend her because Reiki has taken away my back pain and I am able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle again.” – Allison Goldstein

BANG That New Door Will Open

“For the past two years I’ve found it difficult to both attract new customers and be offered employment by other companies. I was out of money. I was feeling very stressed. Selling material possessions to pay bills, eating less food because I had very little money and knowing how it feels to be a vegetarian. I still did not see a more solid, consistent solution to my situation. Having less and less patience with the process, I sought out Beth to help support me. To help me be more strongly connected to my Angels, my Source, to move in the most direct way for The Highest Good for All (Including Me). Among other things, Beth performed Aura Clearings on me to remove blocks. After the first Aura Clearing I felt more positively energized, the selling of material possessions went more quickly, small consulting jobs came more frequently, I had a much more favorable outlook. During the second Aura Clearing a potential employer called to schedule an interview. I’m continuing on my path of Awesomeness!

Beth is Awesome too. Beth has care and compassion for people at the Highest level. She is a talented energy worker who is a Master at her craft. With Beth helping you be prepared because BANG that new door will open right in front of your face! Be ready, Be!”

– E. King

Real Deal

“For over four years it felt like I had a lump in my throat which was causing pain in my jaw and ear. I tried everything but no relief. In addition I was suffering with Bronchitis for about two months, had a round of antibiotics but still had a terrible cough. When I had my first session with Beth I knew she was the “real deal”. I was also having bouts of anxiety. Just talking with her helped my years of fears and anxiety. As Beth worked on me, I felt my lungs expanding and was able to breathe easier with every breath I was taking. I also experienced a release in my ear area and lightness in my head. I literally felt the lump in my throat release. Over the next couple of days I felt layers of negativity falling away. I was so intrigued that I went back for a second session. This time she worked on releasing negative patterns and discordant energies that where holding me back. Since these sessions my throat, jaw and ear cleared, my bronchitis is gone and I have become a different person; I feel more peaceful and free. I look forward to my next session." – Charlene Betz


"Reiki is a technique that promotes healing. It is an amazing thing that we all have as living beings. I have been going to Beth for awhile now and my last session with her was quite amazing. She did an Aura Clearing to remove a block that I was experiencing for a very long time. I am currently taking a new chapter in my life and it has been a very scary ride for me. At first, thinking about how I’d find a job and a place to live was something I never thought was going to be easy. I figured it would be a very long time to find a job. But with the the help of Beth, she unblocked something that was trapping me from experiencing the joy of my life journey. And within just a week after this session, I found the right job and place to live! Now that my aura is cleared, I know that many things are possible. With the help of Reiki and having my positive thoughts, many things in my life have come more naturally instead of being nervous and worried. I encourage you to try Reiki and keep an open mind because it truly works and is very life changing. I recommend you give Beth a chance to help you with your life journey." – Erica Martins

Joy, Love, Peace & Happiness Filled Every Part of My Being

“I scheduled a private Reiki session with Beth simply to increase my energy and balance my body. So I thought! The session was so much more than I could ever imagine! During my consultation, she asked if I would be open to have some Cord Releasing work done in conjunction with my Reiki session. “Absolutely,” I responded!

Well what a PHENOMENAL experience this Cord Release Process was! Beth is such an insightful and intuitive healer/channel who I believe is connected to cosmic consciousness. The energy waves that were running through my physical body were accessed energetically throughout my chakras and emanated from my entire physical being while she was performing Reiki on me. She was so attuned and in tune to these energies which allowed her to communicate on a very high frequency with my spiritual “communication network systems” (which she could feel and see)! At times, we were verbally communicating yet, there was another totally different, higher level of energies that were present to support her and ultimately me for my highest good. After leaving her session, I felt so much lighter in my head, heart, and spirit. Joy, love, peace and happiness filled every part of my Be-ing. The Insight coming through her was one of great light filled with beautiful love and deposited into my body and consciousness. She revealed so much about my etheric and earthly body’s “communication systems”… that I am just beginning to understand. This was an AMAZING experience that I will always cherish!

Beth truly is a Master of the Reiki Energies with great INSIGHT into Cosmic Consciousness who loves teaching others how to access these energies for greater self-awareness and empowerment. I am humbled to be a life student and friend of hers.”

– Anitanna

Unbelievable Treasure

“I had a life changing experience in the Reiki II training that I am so grateful for. The power of Reiki is an unbelievable treasure that I finally found. I met the most caring and beautiful people that I have so much in common with. So much, that I have new friends for life and will never forget! Beth you are an amazing teacher and I love you for it. Thanks!” – Camille Parisi

Beyond Grateful

“Reiki II class – what an awesome experience! I feel strongly connected to my new friends and look forward to continuing on this sacred journey with them. Beth leads in a way that fills you with knowledge, love and confidence.

I am beyond grateful to be under her leadership.” – Mary Janine Langdon

Feel So Blessed

“Beth, it was so special for me to learn, to experience, to gain insights and to have the honor of being introduced to the next level of Reiki practice. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to learn from your deep understanding, expertise and amazing intuition. I love my involvement with Reiki and am excited about all that is still to come!” – Tamara Goldstein, Psy.D.

When the Student is Ready

“I studied Reiki 1 and 2 with Beth. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. For me that special teacher was Beth Wishbow. It took me over a year to find the right teacher and Beth was worth the wait.

Beth is a master teacher, healer and can intuit a person’s aura accurately and quickly. I found this helps Beth to individualize her teaching so everyone gets the important message and meaning of Reiki. I came away with not only an extensive knowledge of the Reiki classes but a plethora of experiences that for me touched on the divine. Beth worked with each one of us and gave so much of her time and energy, she was truly amazing.

Beth doesn’t just teach Reiki, she lives it! Being in Beth’s presence I always feel calm, centered and listened to with the intention to understand and help if needed. This sets a positive and open tone for learning.

I intend to take Reiki Master class with Beth. In fact I can’t wait!

Thank you Beth for all that you offer and all that you are… a true gift to the world of Reiki and beyond.”

– Frederika Ebel

More In-Depth Teaching

“Taking Reiki I and II class with Beth has been a real eye opener for me. I had previously been trained and shown the basics of Reiki, but never felt really satisfied with my experience. When I was taught Reiki levels I and 2 again, through Beth, I received a much more in-depth teaching. I was kept interested and received a fuller perspective of the history and foundation of Reiki. I have walked away from this class knowing much more, and have a willingness to practice and explore what Reiki is for me. I look forward to more classes and events with Beth.” – Tina Lipson

Transformed My Life

“It has been more than 3 years since I began my journey into being a Reiki practicioner; from beginner to the master level. When I was blessed to encounter a teacher on my path I knew she was the right person to learn from. I can’t express how much Reiki has transformed every aspect of my life, from my attitude, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, and most importantly, the way I interact with other humans. I will forever be grateful to my teacher, Beth Wishbow. There are a lot of healers out there who claim to be something they are not but she is the real deal!” – Walter Rush

Mind at Peace

“It was a pleasure learning and understanding Principles of Reiki Energy and receiving my Reiki I and II Attunements from Beth. It has been a wonderful experience. And most importantly the support that she provided before, during and after the classes. Her depth of understanding of what one needs, dedication, patience and perseverance to effortlessly convey what will help her students absorb to the fullest, is noteworthy.

Before the training, when I received a Reiki healing treatment for the first time, I released some hidden and stagnant emotions. It felt lighter and clearer. I experienced reduced self-irritation and my mind was quiet. Then when I registered myself for Beth’s Reiki Level I training, the whole week before the class I experienced slow down of thoughts and my mind was at peace. During the training I got subtle experiences of energy visually and feeling it. But at Beth’s Reiki II training & attunement, while giving and receiving Reiki with classmates I experienced stronger sensation of energy, and some interesting experience with the crystals that I was wearing.”

– Sejal Shah Gandhi

Feel So Blessed

“Beth, it was so special for me to learn, to experience, to gain insights and to have the honor of being introduced to the next level of Reiki practice. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to learn from your deep understanding, expertise and amazing intuition. I love my involvement with Reiki and am excited about all that is still to come!” – Tamara Goldstein, Psy.D.

Incredible, Beautiful Reiki Master Class

“Beth, thank you so much for an incredible, beautiful master class this weekend, and for all your support, guidance, and love over the past year. I am so humbled and grateful to be your student and to learn and live alongside all the beautiful souls that are attracted by your pure and loving energy. 

I could not more highly recommend InSight for sessions, classes, and all things Reiki!” – Lindsay Alexis Barber

What people are saying about the monthly Reiki Share Celebrations…

“Magnificent! Profound! Heart Centered! Really brought me back to myself in so many ways. Thanks to you all for your healing warmth care and concern!”  – Diane S.

“It was amazing to feel the energy along with Beth’s beautiful voice and singing bowls! I’m looking forward to next month.” – Kari

"What an amazing high vibrational loving fun full day.”  – Kenneth Hahn

“Very powerful experience. Met some extremely evolved individuals. Look forward to next session.”  – Holly Strelzik

“Reiki Share Event was a spiritually rejuvenating experience. Beth has a great knowledge of Reiki and has a positive energy which radiates all around her. Beautiful Environment with Nourishment For My Soul.”  – Brendan

“I love sharing with all my buddies. It’s so intense. Seeing the Reki flow is magical. The Singing Bowl and guided meditations are my favorite. It just makes me want to further my education in Reki!”  – Camille Parisi

“I had such an amazing time! What a phenomenal experience!”  – Isabel Hernandez

“Like being in a vortex beaming with love, light, and positive energy. I was in a constant state of bliss.” – Marisol

“Wonderful. Like a battery recharge for the soul.”  – Kate Jannuzzi

“Room full of Powerful People!!! WOW!! Great Day!” – M. Scott Edell

“I Felt Calm and relaxed as I exited the building. I had no stressful feelings. I was able to see a clear answer to a deep seeded problem. Thank you for the experience.” – Michelle Harris

“Wonderful!!!! Great people and lovely energy exchange!” – Karin Lehr

“As usual, amazingly glorious …… It really touch me where it was important …..Thank you Beth!! You are a special person!” – Lia