Reiki is a Gentle Therapeutic Method for Stress Reduction, Deep Relaxation and Healing

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is energy and can be provided across any distance.

It is easy to learn and is practiced by millions of people around the world.

Over 800 hospitals across the U.S., and many more worldwide offer Reiki because it enhances all forms of medical treatment, increasing recovery rates. Every year, millions of people in the U.S. receive Reiki treatments. It can be given to one’s self and to others.

The word “Reiki” comes from the Japanese ideograms “Rei” (spiritual wisdom) and “Ki” (life force). The meaning of this word is spiritually directed life force energy.

“Ki”, also known as Chi or Qi in Chinese or Prana in Sanskrit, is life energy and is present everywhere. It surrounds and flows within all life, keeping living things alive and healthy. When Ki becomes deficient in a person, which can happen as a result of stress or trauma, he or she becomes susceptible to illness.

Centuries-old and well-established methods of health care around the world are based on the cultivation and balancing of Ki. It is a central part of Chinese medicine, including acupuncture. Chi is also practiced in the martial arts, such as Tai Chi, and in many meditative practices, like Pranayama. It is used as a path to enlightenment.

In a Reiki session, the therapist channels Reiki through her body and hands to the person receiving the treatment. The therapist's hands hover a few inches from the body, and sometimes touch lightly. When touching, there is no movement or pressure; the therapists hands remain still.

Reiki is energy and is transmitted across any distance. It is effectively sent remotely via distance healing. In a Reiki Distance Healing Session, the recipient feels the energy and often experiences a release of pain and tension. This restores balance and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

Reiki safely treats the whole person, body, mind, emotion and spirit. People describe it as peaceful, relaxing, nurturing and energizing. Some say that if feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that surrounds and fills them. It can provide many benefits, such as reducing pain and anxiety, accelerating recovery from diseases and injuries, clearing the body of toxins, overcoming addictions, assisting in healthy grieving, bringing balance between mind & body, and promoting overall well being. Many experience profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing during and after a session.

A research study at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, found that Reiki improved patient sleep by 86%, reduced pain by 78%, reduced nausea by 80%, and reduced anxiety during pregnancy by 94%. Additionally, nurses report that Reiki helps patients heal faster with less pain, reduces stress and improves mental attitude, improves appetite and reduces negative side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other medical procedures.

The practice of Reiki is essentially spiritual in nature, though not tied to any one religion which makes it universal for people of all backgrounds. It is not intended as a replacement for medical care, but is a wonderful enhancement to it. This is why for decades hospitals, clinics, hospice, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities have offered Reiki as an integrative complementary modality.  

Reiki enhances all forms of health care and so is often used in combination with them. There are no known contraindications. Because of the restorative and rejuvenating effects of Reiki, it has helped to heal every type of physical, emotional and mental condition, including arthritis, diabetes, fibromyalgia, migraine, gastrointestinal disorders, infertility, cardiac problems, cancer, brain trauma, cognitive impairment, anxiety, depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

Beth Wishbow RMT, Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist, provides Distance Reiki treatments and teaches Online Reiki Training & Certification classes. If you would like to receive a Reiki Distance Healing Telephone Session, select Distance Reiki in the menu above. To become a Reiki practitioner, you are welcome to visit the Online Classes page for information about our live interactive online classes.

“For over four years it felt like I had a lump in my throat which was causing pain in my jaw and ear. I tried everything but no relief. In addition I was suffering with Bronchitis for about two months, had a round of antibiotics but still had a terrible cough. When I had my first session with Beth I knew she was the “real deal”. I was also having bouts of anxiety. Just talking with her helped my years of fears and anxiety. As Beth worked on me, I felt my lungs expanding and was able to breathe easier with every breath I was taking. I also experienced a release in my ear area and lightness in my head. I literally felt the lump in my throat release. Over the next couple of days I felt layers of negativity falling away. I was so intrigued that I went back for a second session. This time she worked on releasing negative patterns and discordant energies that where holding me back. Since these sessions my throat, jaw and ear cleared, my bronchitis is gone and I have become a different person; I feel more peaceful and free. I am looking forward to my next session."    -  Charlene Betz

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