Preparing for Your Distance Healing Session

Reiki is provided remotely across any distance.

💞 Experience the healing of a Reiki Distance Session in the comfort of your home 💞

Welcome! A Reiki Distance Healing telephone session can be scheduled at your desired time by using the calendar and instructions on the Reiki Distance Healing Sessions page.

Upon booking, you will receive an automatic email confirming the appointment. In the Contact section of your account, keep the 2nd box checked for receiving email confirmations of your bookings. These emails include important information about your upcoming appointments.

Prior to your first distance session please email a photo of the recipient to Beth if possible, at: [email protected]

You will receive a phone call from Beth shortly after the beginning of the session, once she has connected with you energetically and scanned your energy field. Please be sure your phone number is entered into your online account. If you prefer a distance session without phone communication, please indicate this in the Notes section of your booking.

Choose a quiet location where you can relax and be comfortable. Either seated or lying down is fine. Once Beth has called you, it is recommended to put your phone on “Do not disturb” to avoid interruptions during your session. Place your phone nearby with the speaker on, or use headphones, freeing your hands so that your body is relaxed.

At the end of the session, payment can be made via credit or debit card, Zelle, Insight gift card, FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or Venmo. Gratuities are welcome. Insight gift card can be purchased on the Home page of this website.

For more information about Reiki Distance Healing Sessions, and to schedule your appointment, please visit the Distance Healing page by clicking on the Learn More button below.

If you are scheduling a distance session for someone else, it is necessary that you receive their permission. If the recipient is someone other than the person whose name is on the booking, please enter the recipient's name and phone number into the Notes field in your booking and forward the appointment confirmation email to them.

The best way to gift a Reiki Distance Healing Session to someone: purchase and email a Gift Card to them, available on the home page.

Service area for Reiki Distance Healing telephone sessions: United States USA. We serve all US time zones. Session times are quoted as EST - Eastern Standard Time.

Thank you. Abundant health, happiness and wellbeing to you!

"I wasn't sure what to expect from my distance Reiki session, but as soon as it began I felt the peaceful and comforting energy that Beth generously transmits.  As the session continued, Beth explained her process and where on my body she was transmitting energy.  Each time Beth moved to a new spot, I could feel the energy flowing to that spot even before she told me where she was focusing.  It was as powerful a session as I have ever had." – Matthew Karmel

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