Online Reiki Classes

Live and interactive training & certification. Learn to send Reiki healing across any distance.

๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ  Comprehensive interactive Reiki training in the comfort of your home.  ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ

Reiki brings healing to the mind, body, emotion and spirit. For decades it has been used as a standard part of patient care in over 800 US hospitals and many more worldwide. It is easy to learn and helps with every aspect of life. Become certified in Reiki and learn to heal yourself and others in these comprehensive, fun and enlightening interactive online classes.

These Online Reiki Classes are the contemporary evolution of Reiki, combining the traditional Japanese methods with refined and powerful techniques of Usui/Holy Fireยฎ III Online Reiki, empowered with the new World Peace Ignition. Carefully developed and tested by the International Center for Reiki Training. Advanced, very effective and state-of-the-art!

The trainings take place via Zoom videoconferencing software, enabling you to interact live with the instructor and other students. Learn to effectively provide Reiki both in-person and remotely across any distance. Practice and confirm your ability in Zoom breakout rooms with other students. Zoom is free and easy to use with a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Classes include upgraded online energy attunements enabling students to perform Reiki at an even more advanced level. Reiki continues to evolve and get stronger, especially at this time of great change on the planet. Recent advances in the Usui/Holy Fireยฎ III Online Reiki attunement energies have brought new healing abilities to those who receive them. It empowers us to thrive and help others to thrive during this time of awakening and emergence of the New Earth. 


Beth Wishbow RMT, Reiki Master Teacher
Professional Member of the Reiki Membership Association
International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT)

Holy Fireยฎ is a registered service mark of William Lee Rand.

What People Are Saying About The Online Reiki Classes

Feeling The Energy Flow From My Hands In Reiki 1 & 2 Online Training

โ€œI decided to take the Reiki 1 & 2 Online Classes, after considering it for some time. I have always felt the pull to help others, and I felt that now I needed to take this opportunity to help others to heal by learning to channel the Reiki energy. My experiences with the attunement were amazing. They were subtle, but also powerful. To physically feel the attunement take hold and to actually feel the energy flowing from my hands is so very special, validating and amazing. I think the Zoom format worked great, and I really enjoyed the break-out room experience in Reiki 2.โ€ 
 - Jordana Young
Powerful Unbelievable Life Changing Experience

"TAKE THE LIVE ONLINE REIKI CLASSES! Outstanding and exceeded my expectations. Beth is not only a true healer but a great educator. Class was very insightful, well-organized, and fulfilling. Great way to start my Reiki journey!  Beth was terrific in passing the knowledge with clarity and ease. The attunements have been very powerful and an unbelievable life changing experience. Thank you Beth!!"
- Melissa Deleen

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June 2023
Reiki 1 Online Training โ€“ Shoden โ€“ June 11
10:30 AM EDT, Jun 11, 2023
Learn the ancient art of healing and self-empowerment. Beginner level.
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July 2023
Reiki 2 Online Training โ€“ Okuden โ€“ July 9
10:30 AM EDT, Jul 09, 2023
In-depth. Learn to clear energy and provide healing across any distance.
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September 2023
Reiki 3 Online Master Training - Shinpiden - Sept 23/24
10:30 AM EDT, Sep 23, 2023
Listen to your heart ~ become a Reiki Master.
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October 2023
Reiki 1 Online Training โ€“ Shoden โ€“ October 15
10:30 AM EDT, Oct 15, 2023
Learn the ancient art of healing and self-empowerment. Beginner level.
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November 2023
Reiki 2 Online Training โ€“ Okuden โ€“ November 12
10:30 AM EST, Nov 12, 2023
In-depth. Learn to clear energy and provide healing across any distance.
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December 2023
Reiki 4 Online Master Training - Karuna โ€“ Dec 9/10
10:30 AM EST, Dec 09, 2023
Expand your Reiki mastery to the next level. The next step for Reiki Masters.
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