World Peace

Blessings to humanity. May we all walk together in peace. Sending healing energy now to the human conflicts taking place on our planet. Love and respect to every sentient being, and to the Earth itself.

The world situation is asking each of us to choose: love or fear. Each person's choice impacts the entire world. It shifts the collective consciousness which then manifests as the events we see unfolding. The current global conflicts are an out-picturing of fear. We are equally capable of manifesting peace, and it is easier than we think. It starts from within. 
The power of Universal Love is assisting us and is very strong now. It creates the conditions for love to prevail, but it does not force. It is up to us. We need to choose it. It is a great kindness that gives us that power to choose love.
This is a soul journey; everything is an opportunity for our advancement on the soul path. Every time a person chooses love, they build the spiritual muscle, the heart opens, and they advance in consciousness, fulfilling the aim of human life and shifting the global balance toward peace on this planet.
There are many tools for this. Tools of healing, energy work, Reiki, meditation, prayer, yoga, mindfulness, inner peace. It is time to pick up the tools. To maintain love within our hearts and embody it in thought, intention, word and action. This brings healing to the individual and to all of humanity. We are all connected.
Every one of us can also help by not succumbing to the fear and hatred, for this adds more fear to the collective consciousness and manifests negative outcomes. As within so without. Let's raise the vibration. Love and compassion for all within each of our hearts will heal the global conflicts. Instead of taking sides, let's maintain openness and respect for all sides which leads to understanding and peaceful negotiation, avoiding conflict. Let us send healing energy to all perpetrators of injustice to help them awaken. Everyone needs to heal.
For years I worked in international relief saving lives and feeding people around the world. We saw what was really going on in those countries, and it was very different than what was reported in the mainstream US & western media. I witnessed firsthand in many countries the effects of US intervention aimed at military and industrial domination, including covert and overt wars. It resulted in untold suffering and the loss of millions of innocent lives. I recognize the same patterns in the current global conflicts. Again it is not being reported accurately.
Mainstream media is crafted to control public perception in support of political and economic objectives. When the media influences the people to hate, the people have been controlled with misinformation. This affects people’s health and tips the global balance toward fear. Choosing love instead brings liberation and takes back our power.
In addition to maintaining compassion and respect for all, it helps to get a more complete and accurate picture by turning to independent and international news sources that promote peace, diplomacy and de-escalation rather than war. I find that many news outlets in the Global South tend to provide more comprehensive global reporting that fosters peace.
For its ongoing part in the current conflicts, we invite the United States to choose love. To honor the principles of the Iroquois Confederacy’s Great Law of Peace which helped shape our Constitution, by becoming a global peacemaker instead of a global war machine. Put down the arms, stop escalating and promoting war. Lift the sanctions which threaten mass starvation and global economic recession.

Love in the form of US international cooperation, diplomacy and humanitarianism toward all will bring more economic abundance and security than we have ever known.
In each of our hearts, together let us raise humanity’s consciousness beyond the old paradigms of fear, hatred, domination, violence, imperialism, greed, retaliation, and war. For the Ukraine casualties of this cold war, I send Reiki healing to an image of the eagle (US) and the bear (Russia) with an olive branch, that these two nations walk together in great peace.

Ancient prophesies across all continents pointed to our lifetime as the time of mass awakening. When the Light becomes stronger than it has ever been on this planet, emerging out of darkness. The Light of unconditional universal love. If we choose it.

What we do to other, we do to self. We are one. The real "I" in each of us is a sacred eternal being, one with Source and all creation. Let us honor the One in all. Bless and love one's supposed enemy as oneself. Because they are.

There is more than enough resource on this planet that if we shared it more equitably, each of us would be a millionaire. There is no need to fear, fight or hoard. Our own wellbeing depends on being our brothers' and sisters' keeper. Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related.

Every culture has its spiritual and religious traditions. May these traditions be a source of true connection not war. We all come from the same Source and we honor it in many different ways. This is a strength and a beauty. As in the biodiversity of Nature that is necessary to support all life, diversity in humanity is key to survival of our species and needs to be respected, nurtured. Listen to the whisper of our Source in your heart. It is loud, and it calls us to love.

May all nations and individuals rise to their higher calling as instruments of love, achieving enlightenment and assuring the survival of humanity and all species on our beautiful planet. In so doing we usher in a new era of peace and bring Heaven to Earth.


“Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate. Only love can do that.”  - Martin Luther King Jr.

Infinite love, peace & blessings,


Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

March 31, 2022