Reiki Holiday Blessings

Greetings Dear Friends,

A very blessed time of holi-days to you and your loved ones! Sending you much love and Reiki during this auspicious time. The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the day of the winter solstice marks a new chapter for the Earth and all of humanity. A beautiful emergence that we have been preparing for.
Listening to the heart within each of us, Spirit speaks. The divine intelligence and higher knowing moves within us stronger than ever now, guiding us through the radical transformation taking place on the planet. Many are noticing how powerful meditation and spiritual practices are these days, bringing us to ever higher states of conscious awareness, extrasensory abilities and bliss. This is part of the awakening, helping to bring a great shift.
As the old ways pass preparing for the new, let us tune in to what is being born not to what is dying. For the new that is unfolding is the most magnificent answer to the prayers of billions of souls who have taken incarnate form over the centuries. An answer to our deepest heart’s desire. A possibility being offered to us, inviting us to choose it and thus be our true authentic selves as co-creators of the new Earth.
There is no doubt that our spiritual practices are having a profound positive effect on the global shift. Continue tuning in to the ever present Light within. Seeing it with the inner eye, immersing in and aligning with its divine attributes of love, wisdom, compassion, peace, kindness, forgiveness, intuition and understanding. Creating temples of this higher vibration in our homes, hearts, lives and everywhere we go.
In healing, toxicity comes to the surface to be released. Stay the course, continue to apply the medicine of higher consciousness. The fear, chaos and delusion will clear, bringing great joy, understanding and clarity of vision.
Supreme Power has been preparing us all along for the metamorphosis, helping us to move toward the new way of being based on Love not fear. We are designed and equipped for this. Let us do it with Grace. One with Source. We are being Guided to help bring heaven to earth, as our beautiful planet is designed and meant to be.
Reiki continues to be available as a powerful technology for healing and transformation. Students and clients are finding that the distance healing Reiki sessions and live online Reiki classes are equally if not more effective as the old ones. This is teaching us to transcend the perceived limits of three-dimensional time and space. Feel free to visit my website for information. The full 2021 class schedule is posted there.
I look forward to moving with you into this very sacred new time on planet Earth. Infinite Reiki blessings flow through me to you always!
Infinite love, peace & blessings,
Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

December 18, 2020