Corona And The Crown of Creation

Humanity has at its fingertips the means to stop pandemics and epidemics. Numerous scientific studies and much data from both government and private health organizations worldwide all point to zoonotic causes of the viral and bacterial pandemics. 

A virus is an RNA or DNA genetic microorganism. It has important functions that support life. Viruses are everywhere in nature and in our bodies. Without the existence of these viral microbiomes, humans would not exist. They are fundamental building blocks of life. In a balanced healthy ecosystem, viruses tend to coexist with their animal and human hosts without symptoms or infection. They also move through the biosphere with a short life span and no outbreaks if unimpeded.

Every pandemic has been traced back to the human/animal interface, an initial transmission from animal to human under certain conditions. This transmission took place in countries within both the eastern and western hemispheres. It happened in a laboratory, in the wild, on a farm and in a wet market. In each of these places where it took place, there had been a disruption of wild animals’ habitats leading to transmission of the virus in ways that cause infectious disease.

Through clear cutting of much of the Earth’s land surface, animals have been uprooted and displaced. This has led to unhealthy conditions for both the animals and the humans they come in contact with, creating the conditions for viral infection. (1)

Another activity by humans that contributes to pandemics is air pollution, which is the largest cause of human death: air pollution causes 7 million human deaths globally every year. (2)  Pollution of the air interferes with the normal movement of viral and bacterial microbiome in the biosphere around the earth, causing it to concentrate and mutate in ways that lead to pandemics. It also impairs the health and immune system of Earth's inhabitants, which increases the mortality rate during viral outbreaks.

Scientists like Dr. Zach Bush point to environmental pollution as creating conditions that lead to viral outbreaks. He is among many researchers who have warned about the coming pandemics. These conditions include high levels of air pollution due to large-scale agriculture, factory farming and human population density with carbon-emitting lifestyles including the burning of fossil fuels. (3)

Most large-scale agriculture is used for the grazing and feeding of livestock: 77% of farmland globally. Yet livestock provides only 18% of the world’s calories. (4) Livestock is also a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions – air pollution. Eliminating red meat from our diet is a simple easy way to have a huge impact in helping to prevent the need for large-scale agriculture and thus the disruption of wildlife habitats and the ensuing air pollution, all of which are conditions that give rise to pandemics.

So we can help prevent pandemics by changing the conditions of the human/animal interface to one of healthy balanced coexistence that preserves their wild habitats, and by greatly reducing or eliminating pollution, restoring a healthy ecosystem. Technologies exist for this which need to be implemented by governments and industry and chosen by consumers. As consumers, we vote with our dollars and so in numbers can bring sweeping change. This requires a lifestyle change in our consumption patterns including choosing green technologies. We have options and need to choose wisely, seizing our power to heal humanity and our planet.

Vaccines alone are not enough. We are causing outbreaks at a faster rate – due to our actions combined with human population expansion, viral strains and outbreaks have increased in number and frequency beyond our ability to fully eradicate them. Instead of just trying to fight the outbreaks after they emerge, we need to stop causing them.

Nature always brings balance. The severity of the pandemics is a measurement of how out of balance we have become. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to wake up, to come into balance with the intelligence and wisdom of the Nature that we are a part of. 

Underlying all of this is a state of consciousness in humanity that needs to get back in touch with the fundamental truth of existence which is Love: the primordial force of creation which brings and sustains life. From this force comes the endless miracles of Nature. Its beauty and majesty are everywhere in plain sight. Each of us is born knowing this: behold it as the light in every new born baby’s eyes!

Yet instead so many have fallen into a fear-based perception of separateness, an internal imbalance that manifests externally as greed, hatred and denial of the sacredness of all life. For the sweeping change to happen externally, thus preventing the pandemics, first we need to shift internally. It is time to go within and listen. There we connect with the higher Knowing, the Guidance that speaks to us through us.

Many paths exist for this, paths to enlightenment. Meditation and Reiki are very powerful practices for taking back our power and coming back into balance.

The word “corona” means crown or halo. The crown or halo in a human is an energy center at the top of the head. When it opens and activates, we are flooded with wisdom, higher knowing, and are aligned with Love. Our vision becomes clear. It heals our bodies, opens our extrasensory abilities and leads to heightened states of conscious awareness, rapture and bliss. This capacity is what makes humans the crown of creation. It does not make us superior; rather it makes us very good stewards and caretakers of the Earth, when we open this gift.

It is time for the crown of creation to hear the call of the corona and live up to our name. We are being invited to awaken into a glorious reality. It is up to each one of us. The new earth is emerging.

Beth Wishbow, RMT
Reiki Master Teacher & Therapist

May 20, 2020





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